About Us

There is a dearth of published works on law in Kenya and many a student is confronted with an academic landscape bereft of relevant handy, simple and accessible textbook or material.

Still, on broader questions of law, the academic bird’s wings are busy flapping while its legs are rested on ground.

Kenya’s publishing industry therefore needs a sparrow; a sparrow that will lift off the ground, flap its wings, soar the skies of creativity, be simple yet majestic in its flight,  tour the skies and peer into the future.

Sparrow Press is that bird.  Sparrow Press Limited is a private company that has been incorporated in Kenya.

Our Vision

To be the leading publisher of law textbooks and materials in Kenya.

Our Mission

To publish accessible and relevant law textbooks and materials in Kenya.


  • Integrity: At Sparrow Press, we conduct our business with integrity and honesty and expect our authors to extol the same value.
  • Plain language: We are disciples of Plain Language movement. We advise and ensure that plain English is used in our books. Trust us, our sparrow language is one you will understand.
  • Innovation: Law and society is dynamic and our firm is at the fore-front of providing innovative products to our customers.
  • Professionalism: We hold ourselves to professional publishing standards and treat our customers and authors with professional courtesy.
  • Team-work spirit: Like the sparrow, we don’t believe in flying alone. We fly in cluster with you.
  • Patience: The skies could be stormy, most times. We have the wings to withstand the storm because you are in the cluster with us.