This informative and interactive book is written in a plain language. It is deliberately shorn of any legalese or jargon in order to communicate salient ideas on the study of law, examinations, pupilage and admission to the bar.

It is meant for aspiring students of law, current students of law at the universities and the Kenya School of Law, law lecturers and professors, practitioners of law and any reader who wants to know what law is and the journey from being a law student at the university and Kenya School of Law and admission to the bar and beyond.

For any student who would like to become a lawyer and for bar taker who would like to eliminate any doubts about the bar exams and during pupilage, this is a book for them. It is hoped that this book will help them to totally reconfigure their approach to law, bar exams, pupilage and admission to the bar in order to approach them zealously rather than lethargically. The law quoted in the book was the law as it stood on September, 2016.

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